Invader, the first retrofuturist bar in Montpellier, opens its doors!

Invader, the first retrofuturist bar in Montpellier, opens its doors!

Bar speakeasy et rétrofuturiste Invader Montpellier

Attention fans of pop culture and retrofuturistic universes! On Friday February 23, 2024, a completely new concept arrived on rue de l’Université in Montpellier! Invader is the first bar in Hérault with cult self-service video games, combined with immersive decoration.

Have board game bars been able to establish themselves in the Montpellier landscape for a long time? Invader arrives with an original approach: the retro gaming bar! While 70% of French people play occasionally video games, it is based on a simple idea: between two drinks, what could be better than challenging your friends to a game of Street Fighter or Mario Kart?!

With its theme evenings, its quizzes, its broadcasts of major events, Invader is aimed at all fans of pop culture from the 80s to the present day. Classic or signature cocktails, beers, non-alcoholic drinks, tapas… The bar menu is made up of products from numerous local suppliers allowing for an original offering.

Cinema sets and connected tables: a unique immersive experience!

More than a bar, Invader offers its visitors an expedition into a retrofuturistic setting with multiple audiovisual references: Back to the Future, Tron, Star Wars. For the creation of its decoration, the establishment relied on recognized specialists. They are particularly renowned for the design of Escape Game (architectes, decorators).

Located in the Écusson, near the Louis Blanc tram stop, this is an invitation to travel. Furthermore, you can decide to go there just to enjoy its environment over a drink or to browse its aisles to test the legendary video games that are regularly updated. A choice according to your mood and desires of the day!

To reinforce immersion, the gaming platforms are an integral part of the decor. Vintage consoles in the form of terminals, but also with connected tables with innovative functionalities... The Invader team itself created this completely new offer in France.

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